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Sunday Afternoon

Aug. 9th, 2009 | 04:56 pm

 So, I'm kinda sittin on my hands around here and considering exactly what it is that I need to do next.  Charlie, Jason, and I have put our little trio together, Charlie is lighting up the website, Jason is putting pen to paper, and I...well I'm looking at the mountain of things I have done and trying to consider how you can package them up neatly in a form that a publisher would be happy to consume them.  I must write a synopsis of the story I am nowhere close to finishing, go over the other one that I already did for another story I am nowhere close to finishing, edit the scripts, look at my own writing more than I enjoy, and try and figure out what's wrong with my writing before someone else does...


Anyway, that's just my way of stressing out about things going well.  Things could be bad, then where would we be?  

Now Alicia and I are planning for Baltimore come October, hitting the big con there.  I'm looking forward to making an impact.

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Coffee house art

Jul. 13th, 2009 | 06:57 pm
location: Open Eye Cafe
mood: bouncyjittery
music: "I'm a Lady" - Santogold

 So I'm sitting in Open Eye writing this thing while I promised myself I'd be writing Knights of the Realm, but truth be told the coffee is having the effect of making me antsy which is the opposite of helpful at the moment.  So, I started looking around at the paintings on the wall.

First, I want to start with this note:  I like this trend.  I like that local artists (local in theory anyway) have a place to display their work and give them that stepping stone to having a real show or getting a job where they can do art.  Plus, makes decorating the coffee shop much cheaper I imagine.

But here's my thing, perhaps the coffee shop should be more selective.  Now, I'm not suggesting the coffee shops start setting a higher bar for art, who are these guys to determine what's good?  Just that perhaps the art should be such as to keep my appetite intact.  Maybe coffee shops should stick to less abstract and unsettling forms of art, you know.  501 diner is actually very successful with the art they hang in there even though most of it is shite.  Sad fact:  wooden popsicle stick animals have a market.  You know the rules, sex and popsicle stick animals sell.

I know this all sounds very "commercial" "mainstream" and several other hipster buzzwords, but it is a business and as such has an obligation to do what it do and put other things second.  Should we have paintings of yummy looking coffee and snacks?  Maybe not all the time, but worse ideas have been born of blogs...like the blog.

Oooh, by the way (or BTW for some of you) I have finally mastered enough of livejournal to put links in my sidebar.  Check out links to my artist buddies Charlie and Jason as well as some of my net based creative endeavors.  Feel free to comment there or here, you'll make my day.

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Jason rocks my world

Jul. 12th, 2009 | 03:21 pm

So anyone that hasn’t visited the link to Jason Strutz’s homepage on the right of this blog should go ahead and do it, because the man is awesome.  The artwork on the site itself was enough to pump me up about working with him, but the stuff I’ve seen from our upcoming projects really rock my world.

For those of you that don’t know Jason, he’s a sort of freelance/whatever he happens to want to draw guy with mad skills.  Right now we’re working on two things:

First is Jason’s baby, Monsters of Rock.  Monsters of Rock is a kids book about a group of young monsters who form a rock band to compete in the local Battle of the Bands.  Jason had been kicking around the idea for some time but was having trouble making it what he wanted it to be.  He gave me the script and I put my shoulder to it and pumped out a fun little script (which I am quite proud to say rhymes).  I’ve been watching it come together as Jason sketches it out and I finally got a finished rough pencils draft to take home and make marks on.  The pictures are going to be awesome and I finally made it sound just the way I wanted.

The second project is still its fledgling phases, so I’m nervous to talk too much about it.  Suffice to say, it’s based in the concept of the current knights of England being called to take up their posts and defend the country from threatening magical forces.  Jason got a nice finished and colored version of the first page done and I am psyched.  It’s beyond what I could have hoped for when I wrote it.  I hope we get to keep doing this, cause I really feel like this could be a huge success.

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Writer's Block: Personal Freedom

Jul. 5th, 2009 | 09:15 pm

 Okay, so, I'm tired of looking up career sites and fighting with my own personality trying to apply for jobs I don't want that bad interlaced with jobs I do want that bad and am not really qualified for.  I'm going to start doing what it is I want to do and use this lame economy as an excuse just like everyone else has.  There are fewer jobs for more people, well, so be it.  I will not compete with those people, I will instead create my own job.  I'm going to follow that one god awful and universally true piece of advice that has been shared with me by every professor I have ever had:

Writers Write

So I am going to write, I am going to write often.  I am going to write well.  I am going to write what I want to write.  I don't want a career in technical writing.  That's like advising someone who really wants to be a chef that compiling cookbooks might be fun.  Technical writing is the opposite of what I want to do.  There's been a whole lot of rationalizing with me an tech writing.  Well, at least it's writing, I think.  It's not the act of writing that I love so, but the act of creating through the writing,  "Well, you can't be a teacher, but why not a crossing guard, you'll still get to work with kids."  Well, no more, not interested.  If there is no job for me than I will create a job.  If that doesn't work then I will create a new world in which my job exists.  Take that.  

And so, I guess this may be in it's own way an answer to the writer's block question.  I declare my independence from necessity and circumstance (which is much easier to do when you have an increasingly mindless full time job and a hard working wife who brings home the bacon.)  

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New Lappy

Jun. 27th, 2009 | 01:50 am

I’m playing with live writer right now because my new lappy has finally arrived.  Let there be much rejoicing among the common folk, all will soon be well with the world.  My operation is now 100% mobile once more.  Assuming this works, this may be a neat tool as well

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Ready to go back to being bored

Jun. 13th, 2009 | 10:08 pm
mood: tiredWore Out, Son!

Anyone else graduating?  Anyone?  I've been to three in two days including two today and I have had enough.  God couldn't have the common decency to provide normal weather?  First Thursday we have the freak thunderstorm to beat all and then Saturday we get Iraqui style heat!  I think I may not leave the house tomorrow for fear of flaming hail.  

Hey, I want to start a writer's group around here, anyone interested?  Anyone already have one?  If so, you want to mingle it with some artists maybe, work on some cross genre projects?  Just puttin that out there, get up with me if you're interested.

So, thanks to all this running around I haven't done too much writing this week, but I do have this massively crazy handwritten pocket square shaped outline of New West that I'm a little excited to try and put down in comic book form.  I tried doing in with this dusty old narrator who may stay or go, but the important difference this time around will be that I know where I'm going (always for the best when I'm writing).  I did too much research for this last night and was having horrible nightmares about sharia law.  Not good times!

My little sister is working on writing a play and I really want to help with that, hopefully the summer will give me a chance to do that.

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And now to offend the rest of you

Jun. 9th, 2009 | 06:04 pm
location: The New West
mood: curiouscurious
music: "Christian's Inferno" - Green Day

So, I have this great idea, but it could be just a tad bit offensive to a number of people whom I appreciate and admire.  So, I'm gonna put it up to a poll.

What I want to do is write a series of non traditional westerns.  By that I mean that I want the story to follow the general outline and themes that we associate with the "American Western" but I don't want it to happen in the "American West".  In fact, one could justifiably refer to some of the underlying ideas as "un-American" but that's hardly the point of the story.

So the first one I want to write, from whom this idea spawned, is a western about an Afghan man living in the area near the Pakistan-Afghanistan border.  He is a veteran of the American backed Russo-Afghan war.  He fought for his country and chased out the Russians.  But in the aftermath of the war and the overly quick American exit, every thing he fought for was destroyed by the Taliban.  After 9-11 the Americans seek out his help again, but he refuses.  The story is about his viewpoint of the American War on Terror, the (again) quick exit to devote forces to Iraq, and his choice to once again pick up arms for one last battle to keep the same thing from happening to others that happened to him.

I want to make clear that the Americans, while not being bad guys, are not going to come off particularly well.  The thing is, and this is the idea behind the series really, the westerns we love so much and the heroes that live in them are no longer what exists in America.  But that doesn't mean that these sort of men don't exist, sometimes they're just not on our side.  That's the definition of the western hero after all, isn't it?  The man on his own, with no backup, who wades into the sea of bullets to defend what is right.

So, what do we think?
Poll #1413570 My story Idea

Good idea or bad idea

Clicky box

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Corporate Goons

Jun. 5th, 2009 | 09:38 pm
mood: frustratedfrustrated

I've had my fill of overpaid corporate goons!  I detest a man in a sports jacket showing up in my store once ever six months to point out the things that are not set according to a planogram in my store.  I get it, we have guidelines, you know what?  My store is smaller than your office, so shove it.  Really, I just want the CEO to come in one time and help us set the store to the planogram.  By the time he gets done either his head will explode or it will look nothing like what he had originally intended.  Happens to me on a weekly basis!  Better yet, lets just save the company money by cutting all the middle corporate management.  They spend half their times on conference calls with the big guys who are telling them what to do and the other half on the phone with the store managers relaying the same messages.  If you cut those goofballs out, not only would we get the unfiltered message, but there wouldn't be 800 different "best practices" and "guidelines" in my mailbox every day.  The more they talk about customizing the store, the more iron fisted their control gets.  Spare me another "transformation" and let me do my job.
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Rambling day off post

Jun. 3rd, 2009 | 12:23 pm
location: Day off
mood: lazyGod I'm tired of this goat
music: "Shove it" - Santogold

So, it's my day off and I just thought that I should update my blog.  See, the thing about that is I really don't have anything specific I want to talk about.  That means this post is probably going to wander lazily through a labyrinth of pointless exposition and end up where it started.  If you're still reading, good on ya.

Okay, I'm alternatively three or four posts into each of the initial three blogs and they seem to be going all right.  Well, except for the fact that Alicia has told me 1)she is better at writing blogs than I am and I should let her do it and 2)that Paula sounds like a ridiculous mid-nineties black woman and that no one refers to them self as a "sista" anymore.  Alas, have my hours of watching Living Single finally become meaningless?  JQ on the other hand seems to like Paula's blog, so maybe Alicia just doesn't refer to herself as a sista anymore.

Funny story, when I friended a girl in high school I knew on facebook a while back, I got this message that said "Jeremy, I didn't know you married a sista!"  Alicia read the message and wrinkled her nose, "A sista?  I take it she's black?"  She is...if there was a real point to this story, other than to demonstrate that SOME black women still do use the word, I've forgotten it.

I just finished writing what I've tentatively labelled "Issue 30" of Dreamers' Daughter.  As yet, it's nothing to go gaga over, but it finally starts Elana on her own way.  This is the first whole issue of DD I have written in about a month, but I had the foresight at Open Eye the other night to sit down and lay out people's paths for the upcoming arcs.  I think some of the characters are going to drop out a little bit and some of the smaller ones are going to become more important.  Of course, that's sort of the way I've designed the story to work, so *pats self on back*.

I'm also working on a couple other stories, one of which I really love because it's giving me the chance to work with some mythological characters.  I love it.  I'm tentative to talk about it too much on here, cause it's still taking shape, but if you're interested, you can ask me.

I saw Jason's early pencils for Monsters of Rock the other day.  Man, this book is going to rock some little kids' worlds.  Seriously, if someone doesn't pick this up, it will be a loss to children everywhere.  I'm pretty proud of my little rhyming script, but once Jason gets done, I doubt people will even notice there are words till the third time through.

I've found myself enemies with Heroes Con.  How can that happen you ask?  Well, Charlies art on Dreamers' Daughter has had to all but stop so he can get ready for his big comic book convention debut.  I'm happy for him, for real.  The more he can get out there and do what he needs to do the better the book is going to be in the long run...assuming there is a long run, look at me getting all presumptive.  Anyway, as soon as we get a solid chunk done, you're going to see it everywhere because we are determined to do a blitz with this book.  The blogs are just the begining.

Oh, speaking of the blogs, anyone who does read them, if you would have the goodness in your heart to "follow" them and even turn others on to them, that would be great.

And on that note, I am as I promised, right back where I started.  Which of course means it is now time to close this little blog o' mine and get back to doing something truly useful, like making a sandwich.

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Added Content

May. 29th, 2009 | 06:09 pm
location: Other people's heads
mood: chipperchipper
music: "You, me, and the Bougousie" - The Submarines

So, for anyone that doesn't know already (which is close to no one), I have a passion project.  My comic, "The Dreamers' Daughter" has been in the works for a long time.  Now that I finally have an artist and he's finally finishing up with his prior obligations, things should soon be popping into high gear.  I'm forbidden to write any more issues until he gains some ground on me, so I'm slowly engaging ins something quite viral.  If you would like to visit the blogs of my individual characters and learn a little more about them, you will now be able to do that.  Please keep in mind, the story takes place twenty years in the future, so it may take a while for them to get back to you on any comments.

For Zuri's blog visit:  The Dreamers Daughter
For Paula's blog visit:  As Told By Paula
For Altsoba's blog visit:  War Baby

There will be more to come in the future, you may just have to overlook slight glaring inaccuracy with little things like dates and times...nothing important.

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